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Paver Types

You may be ready to make some changes to your outdoor spaces, but may be unsure about which options best suit your preferences or match your house’s architectural and design style. We are often asked questions such as, “What should I put here in this area? What colors would look best? What pavers can I combine for a nice, cohesive look?” We’re here to help you answer these questions before making changes to your walkway, patio, driveway or pool deck because this will save you money — and even increase the overall value of your property — all while creating an inviting outdoor living space.

We are pleased to work with Belgard to provide pavers to fit every hardscape project, design style and budget.

Belgard pavers are divided into four Collections based on texture: Classic, Natural, Environmental and Transitional.

Classic Collection

There will always be the latest trends, but Belgard invests the time necessary to truly engineer quality products that last the test of time.  Here’s how Belgard explains this wonderful, evergreen collection:

Belgard provides pavers to fit every hardscape project, design style and budget. Today, with an uneasy economy and travel prices high, stay-cations are all the rage. Creating your vacation backyard can provide you with years of enjoyment. Belgard puts in 20,000 hours to keep up with the trends of colors to stay ahead of the curve, according to Laurie Smith at Belgard. Outdoor pavers are not only easy for a selection color combinations but also for add-ons. When you need to add electric or plumbing under concrete, you must tear it up and re-pour, causing patches. With pavers, future construction is as easy as pulling up a few pavers, doing the work and reinstalling them – leaving no marks. Plus, all Belgard pavers offer a lifetime warranty – bet your concrete can’t do that!


When you use Belgard products, many collections can be mixed and matched due to the consistency of color. Consider beyond the paver and look to Belgard’s collection of walls, steps, firepits, and an entire outdoor kitchen. Take a look through the 2016 Belgard Catalog to get ideas.

Natural Collection

If you prefer an organic appearance, your style can likely be described as natural. Here’s how Belgard explains their collection that so perfectly ties into any yard or outside space:

This collection mimics the look of natural stone yet without the fragility and complicated installation. You will have a natural, eye-catching the look for your outdoor living space in less time and effort!


The Arbel® Stone Collection has a natural, sophisticated look that homeowners thrive for when looking to turn their outdoor living area into their own backyard paradise. This collection resembles the look of irregularly cut flagstone and provides a variety of natural hues for homeowners to choose from.


The process of installation for Mega-Arbel pavers makes it a breeze versus a potential headache. In the Mega-Arbel design, each paver comes in a two or three paver set, allowing the pavers to interlock easily. Although the look may seem random, installation is quite organized. Plus, each piece is the same thickness making for a level area.


Like Mega-Arbel, the Mega Lafitt® pavers also a natural appearance but as slate, cut in a rectangular shape. Its modular shape allows a wide range of options for your outdoor area. For wider areas consider the hefty sized Lafitt patio slab. Lafitt patio slab also has three shapes to choose from for your backyard design such as the large rectangle, the small rectangle and the large square. The Lafitt Collection provides the the durability that you would expect a paver to have with the strength that will last for years to come.


The Urbana® Stone Collection has a clean chiseled stone appearance and are offered in a three-piece modular system with an optional square foot large square for add-ons which allows for maximum versatility and a broader range of shapes. It is great for long driveways, patios and walkways.


If you want to add a little color to your natural backyard pavers, the Urbana Stone Collection provides color blends to tie in that realistic look you are looking for. When decorating, think about dark brown chairs and add beige cushions with colored, striped pillows to add that accent. Enjoying a nice glass of wine never seemed better in your new backyard!


Another option in the Natural Collection is the Old World Collection, reflecting the design of an old, well-worn European cobble stone. These strong and durable pavers are perfect for high traffic areas, yet look great for a home in the suburbs. Multiple patterns and as borders give this paver versatility. Grab a lemonade on a sunny day and enjoy your old-time look in your backyard!


With the Natural Collection, installing outdoor pavers never seemed so easy! Each collection provides a simple yet durable paver for you to embellish. If you think you’re missing something to complete your perfect outdoor area, the Natural Collection can be the missing link to meet your satisfaction.

Environmental Collection

Belgard proves their commitment to the industry, their customers’ needs and the planet with their attention to include these pavers.  Read Belgard’s explanation below about why this type of paver is so necessary.

Environmental stress is increasingly being placed on our resources. As more land is developed, the natural water filtration provided by the soil is continually being diminished. In turn, stormwater runoff (mixed with motor oil, fertilizers and other contaminants) can pollute lakes, rivers coastlines and groundwater. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Belgard’s environmental series of permeable pavers offers attractive alternatives to traditional paving materials designed for residential and commercial development. They are an environmentally and economically friendly choice.


The decision you make in pavers can directly help or harm water quality in your locale. Several styles of Belgard’s permeable pavers offer the strength, durability, slip-resistance and visual appeal homeowners desire, and much more. Specifically designed interlocking shapes and openings allow stormwater to rapidly flow through, eliminating standing water in walkways, patios, driveways and parking areas without sloping. As part of a bio-aquifer stormwater system, Belgard’s environmental pavers can virtually eliminate runoff, potentially reducing the need for retention ponds or underground sewer pipes. Offering a versatile range of products designed to suit any application, the collection’s aesthetic options promote design flexibility while protecting precious resources. Each style is designed to adhere to EPA and local regulations and to contribute toward LEED® certification.

Transitional Collection


If you like a contemporary appeal with clean lines and distinct looks, you likely have a transitional style.  Belgard explains this style on their blog, which we’ve included below:

Part of our Transitional Collection, Mega-Tandem® is designed to give the timeless appearance of chiseled stone to complement any hardscape. It’s a recent addition to our products that’s only been around since last spring. Mega-Tandem is one of our more versatile walls because it has such a natural appearance, making it perfect for anyone who wants a subtle addition to their home or business.


The texture of Mega-Tandem feels like natural stone, so if you’re looking for a hardscape wall that blends naturally into your surroundings, you’ve found it. It’s great for homes as well as commercial use, as its earthy appearance has the perfect balance of aestheticism and functionality without being ostentatious. It looks so much like it belongs there that you’ll find yourself wondering if it’s actually been there all along.


Mega-Tandem can be used to create curved or straight retaining and freestanding walls. If you’re looking for a stately look, try a straight retaining or freestanding wall. If you’re in the market for something less austere and more inviting, go for a curved wall.


Belgard is the only hardscape manufacturer to be granted the Good Housekeeping Seal, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best and will be taken care of should you have any concerns. Our products are designed with sustainability, beauty and functionality in mind because you deserve a product that’s eye-catching as well as enduring – not to mention something eco-friendly that you can feel good about.